Geographic Analysis

Updated Geocoder with Reverse Lookup of Longitude/Latitude Pairs

I’ve updated the geocoder to include a “reverse geocoding” mode that can find an address for a given set of Longitude,Latitude points. Why Lon,Lat vs. Lat,Lon? That’s how I set everything else up, so there must have been some good reason. The code also now gives a warning if you try and run it on Chrome — use Firefox or IE, the performance will be the same, and they don’t have the weird rules about local files that Chrome does.

Extremely fast geocoder (and driving distance finder)

There are a lot of free geocoders out there on the Internet, but they all have their issues. Either a limit to the number of addresses you can geocode, or they are really slow. So a while back I built a geocoder that uses a popular mapping service, but does so in a way that allows for much faster results. It can do up to 3000 addresses in around five minutes. If you open the page up again in another browser window, it can do another 3000 in that same five minutes.

Normally I enjoy describing how what I built works, but I want to keep this a secret so that its magic continues to work.

Note: The local file doesn’t seem to work in Chrome due to some strange ‘same-origin’ security concerns . Use another browser, or host the file on a web server running locally on your computer.