Row Level Security

The basic concept of Row Level Security is that the Username and Groups of a Tableau Server user are available in a variety of ways that can filter each query that Tableau makes, displaying only the data that the user should see. Tableau does not handle filtering data for an individual user using Permissions. Instead, this is implemented as Row Level Security either at the data source or workbook level.

Tableau Desktop has a “Create User Filter” option in the Server menu, but it is completely manual and hard-coded. For dynamic row level security that ties into a database or a security service, you’ll need to connect the user information to the data that exists somehow.

Currently (As of Tableau 10.5), the techniques implementing Row Level Security for Live Connections and Extracts differ.

Live Connection Row Level Security

There are several

The following go through the ways that individual level filtering (including hierarchical data filters) are implemented in Tableau:

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