Republishing Extracts from One Site (or Server) to Another with tableau_tools

Imagine you have a Data Source (in a workbook or outside of one) which is an extract, refreshing on a schedule. But that same data could be used on a different site, or a different server. There are lots of reasons to have logical partitions that basically need a copy of data, particularly related to security. You might have an internal server that connects to data sources allowing the refresh, but want to push that content to a server that eventually connects to the public Internet.

The REST API allow for this fairly easily — you simply download the first workbook, then republish to a different site with the Save Credentials options set to “False”. No credentials means the extract can’t update, but that’s exactly the idea behind this exercise — you want no way to access the database.

Note: The Tableau workbook and data source files will still contain some information about the original live data source that the extract was created from, but no passwords (no credentials are passed to the second site/server). If you need complete lock-down security, I can try and explore how much you can blank out of the XML while still publishing successfully.

This is very easily accomplished via tableau_tools:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from tableau_tools.tableau_rest_api import *
from tableau_tools import *
import time

o_server = 'https://internaltableauserver'
o_username = 'yourUsername'
o_password = 'yourPassword'
o_site_content_url = 'original_site_content_url'

logger = Logger(u'move.log')

d_server = 'https://secondtableauserver'
d_username = 'UsernameTwo'
d_password = 'PassW0rd1'
d_site_content_url = 'destination_site_content_url'

t = TableauServerRest(server=o_server, username=o_username, password=o_password, site_content_url=o_site_content_url)
downloaded_filename = 'File Name'
wb_name_on_server = 'WB Name on Server'
proj_name = 'Default'
t.workbooks.download_workbook(wb_name_on_server, downloaded_filename, proj_name_or_luid=proj_name)

d = TableauServerRest(server=d_server, username=d_username, password=d_password, site_content_url=d_site_content_url)
proj = d.query_project('Default')
d.workbooks.publish_workbook('{}.twbx'.format(downloaded_filename), wb_name_on_server, proj, save_credentials=False, overwrite=True)

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