Monitoring Windows System Performance in Tableau 9.0+

Update: You might just skip all this and go with the newly released TabMon to bring together all your Tableau Server system performance needs.

There’s a great Tableau KB article on using the Windows Performance Monitor (perfmon) that unfortunately hasn’t been updated since the 9.0 release. The steps in perfmon are all the same, but there are few more processes to monitor than there were in the 8.0 series

  • Vizqlserver – processes that query data and build views
  • Vizportal – The Tableau Server UI that is not a viz (shouldn’t be used much in an embedded situation)
  • Wgserver – Now just the REST API server (and a few other tasks in)
  • Backgrounder – takes on long running tasks like extract refreshes
  • TDEServer64 – The Tableau Data Engine (TDE), our fast columnar data extract engine
  • Searchserver – the SOLR service Tableau runs
  • Zookeeper – Tableau coordination Services
  • Redis-server – Shared cache services
  • Httpd – The Apache web host and load balancer, usually a very low user of memory, but worth watching
  • Dataserver

For how to analyze it all, nothing beats the Alan ‘Ty Alevizos’ Smithee’s original workbook and instructions .

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