Internationalization and Localization

The Tenets of Tableau Templates on Multi-tenants

We have a tendency to answer questions of multi-tenancy in Tableau swiftly with switching between Sites, which are the virtual tenements for your Tableau tenants. But Sites are the simple part of the equation; when there is a need for multitenancy in Tableau, there is most likely existing multi-tenancy in the data systems Tableau must connect to. I’m going to dive into the diverse ways that customers corral their data and outline all the tenets of deploying effectively from a single template to all your tenants.


Adding a language to Tableau Server

If you find yourself embedding Tableau Server but serving areas with languages that are not part of the standard set provided by default, it is possible to add support for additional language.

DISCLAIMER: Not supported by Tableau whatsoever, may break at any time, may void your warranty, proceed with caution!!!.

Updated 2018-05-09: New instructions for Tableau Server 10.5. A few things moved but it all works like before.