tableau_rest_api Module for Python v1.0 released!

I’m excited to announce the v1.0 release of the tableau_rest_api module for Python 2.7. This is as far as I know the first publicly available full implementation of the Tableau Server 9.0 REST API. Every method implemented in the API reference docs is implemented, and all except for the AD sync methods are fully tested (this testing is occurring soon). The only requirement outside of the standard Python libraries is lxml, which is not being used to it’s fullest capacities but will be in later releases. At minimum, you get full XPath querying capabilities when working with the larger lists returned by some queries.

Available now on PyPI

with source code hosted, as always on my GitHub.

Many more blog posts to come explaining how to use the library, and the design decisions that went into its current form.

I expect many bug fixes and additional features to come shortly as people begin using it.


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