tableau_tools package released!

As the tableau_rest_api library grew to incorporate more than just the functionality for the Tableau REST API, it made sense to rework it as a package of tools that work together. To that end, tableau_rest_api is now a sub-package in the new tableau_tools package v 3.0.0, available:

What is in tableau_tools that makes it different from tablaeu_rest_api?

The tableau_documents sub-package includes a new class called TableauDatasourceGenerator which can programmatically create a TDS or TDSX file based on the principles outlined in  Defining a Tableau Data Source Programmatically. See the following post on how to use these features.

There is also a new Tabcmd class, a TableauRepository class for working with things that are only available in the PostgreSQL repository, and a TableauHTTP class for accessing all of the non-REST API commands that you can send to a Tableau Server. All of these are still at ‘work-in-progress’ stage, and you’ll see individual posts as they are more fully built out.



  1. Hi Braynt, First of all, thank you for this. It’s been amazing! Is there any way that you could post some more examples of working specifically with TableauPackagedFile to get to the underlying contents of a file? Perhaps modifying the XML?


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